Colour Crush | Teal + Coral Colour Palette

Colour Palette Teal and Coral inspired

It’s been months, but I am still crushing on teal and coral! I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous colour palette, and I find myself drawn to it in everything that I do, from shopping for clothes and accessories, to decorating my home and starting craft projects. The pretty image that inspired this Colour Crush Colour Palette is from Kerry June.


diy gift tags with glitter

Make glitter gift tags

Do you avoid glitter when crafting because of the mess? Applying glitter to papercraft projects does not need to be messy. Follow my tips for diy gift tags with glitter, minus the mess, and add a bit of sparkle to your gift wrapping!

Rather than opting for messy pastes or toxic spray glues, I like to use double sided craft tape when applying glitter to paper craft projects. Double sided tape is most often sold in rolls, or as sheets of sticky dots. Both come in different sizes and widths, providing lots of flexibility when designing your glitter covered diy gift tags.

DIY gift tags with glitter

1. Cut double sided tape into strips and adhere to blank gift tag; leave the top paper cover on your tape for now. Combine strips in different widths to make a striped pattern, or cover the whole bottom section of the gift tag to create a ‘glitter dipped’ look. Trim off any excess tape.

Use double sided tape when adding glitter
Use scrap paper to collect excess glitter

2. When you are ready to add your glitter, begin removing the paper cover from each strip to expose the adhesive. Do this one strip at a time if you want to cover each with a different coloured glitter, or all at once to cover them all with the same glitter.

**TIP: Before covering your strips with glitter, take a piece of scrap paper, roughly A4 size, fold it down the centre and crease. Open the paper back out and place your gift tag on top.

3. Shake a generous amount of glitter onto the area of your gift tag that is covered in tape, making sure to keep all of the glitter on your scrap paper. Once covered , lift up your gift tag, allowing any excess glitter to fall onto the sheet of paper.

DIY gift tags with glitter - collect glitter on scrap paper
Glitter can be tipped back into container

4. Gather the leftover glitter into the middle of the paper, and use the crease to carefully tip the glitter back into the glitter shaker. It can be handy to have one sheet of paper per colour, to avoid mixing the colours. By using this technique you will reduce mess and wastage.

DIY gift tags with glitter completed

Follow the same instructions to make spotty patterns with sticky dots, and experiment with different textured glitters too!

Happy crafting!

What to make with t shirt yarn

What to make with t shirt yarn

I often get asked what type of projects t shirt yarn can be used for. While t shirt yarn is ideal for both crochet and knitting, there are lots of other ways it can be used. T shirt yarn can be joined in strips to make infinity scarves, plaited to make bracelets and headbands or simply tied around parcels when gift wrapping. If you are a knitter or crocheter there are plenty of patterns available for gorgeous on trend homewares such as floor cushions and baskets, and fashion accessories such as handbags, necklaces and cowls. Ravelry is a great online source for #crochet and knitting patterns and inspiration. You can also download our free crochet patterns written especially for RibbonXL t shirt yarn. We will be adding new patterns to this collection very soon.

The projects featured in the above collage are some that I would love to try. Those and more can be found on our Yarn and Crochet Pinterest boards.

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Floor cushion
Knotted headband
Knit scarf
Covered stool

Happy crafting!